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Parker Medical Systems Division (MSD)

The Medical Systems Division offers medical and pharmaceutical OEMs a variety of medical grade molding solutions and services through in-house prototype and production capabilities.
Medical Component Manufacturing
Flashless organic and silicone molding
Insert and over-molding
Liquid silicone molding
Organic rubber injection molding
Thermoplastic & TPE molding
Medical Device and Instrument Assembly
Class I, II, and III medical devices
» In-vitro diagnostic assembly, testing, packaging, sterilization and distribution.
» Non-sterile reusable devices
» Single use devices
Silicone medical device assembly
Medical Grade Silicone Extrusions
Color coded tubing and rods
Profiled tubing and rods
Single and multi lumen tubing
Wire-reinforced tubing
X-ray striped and X-ray opaque tubing
Manufacturing Capabilities/Technologies
Liquid silicone injection molding, silicone injection and flashless molding, organic rubber injection and flashless molding, compression molding as well as thermoplastic and TPE injection molding, class 10,000 and class 100,000 cleanrooms.