TechSeal Division (TSD)
O-Ring Division (ORD)
Engineered Polymer Systems Division (EPS)
Engineered Seals Division (ESD)
Composite Sealing Systems Division (CSS)
Medical Systems Division (MSD)
  Spliced O-Rings
  Custom Molded Shapes
  Spring Energized (PTFE) Seals
  Specialty Products and Services

Parker Composite Sealing Systems Division (CSS)

  The Parker Composite Sealing Systems Division (CSS) offers design and manufacturing of engineered seals and sealing systems consisting of metal-retained elsatomeric combinations for static face seal applications and metal seals for extreme sealing environments. These systems are used in the Aerospace, Military, Semiconductor, Energy Oil and Gas, Diesel/Heavy Duty, Fluid Power and Automotive markets.
Composite Seals
  Gask-O-Seal® volume/void seals
  Integral Seal™ edge molded seals
  Stat-O-Seal® fastener and fitting seals
  ThredSeal fastener and fitting seals
  Lock-O-Seal® fastener and fitted seals
Metal seals
  EnerRing® resilient metal seals (O,C,E,U and V cross sections)
  Metal jacketed gaskets
  Corrugated gaskets
  Flat metal gaskets
  Metal sealing gaskets
Sealing Systems
  Composite sealing systems including seal, sealing interface and system design and manufacture.
  Manufacturing Capabilities/Technologies
  The CSS Division is capable of machining, stamping, compression, transfer and injection molding, rubber-to-metal bonding, vacuum heat-treatment, electroplating, roll-forming, welding and lapping, class 10,000 clean-room, mechanical, chemical and functional testing.