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Kalrez® Chemical Processing Industry

  In pumps, valves, reactors, flange joints and other equipment, Kalrez® parts - whether they are O-rings, custom shapes or valve stem packing systems - are proving their value year-in and year-out. Their combination of long-term resistance to chemical attack, swelling and elevated temperatures allows chemical companies to reduce costly seal failures, improve mean time between replacements, control fugitive emissions, improve process productivity and avoid contamination of the process stream.
Suggested Kalrez® compounds for the Chemical Processing Industry are:
Kalrez® Spectrum - 7075 and 6375 are designed to better meet the needs of the chemical processing industry. They offer excellent, broad chemical resistance and thermal stability.

Kalrez® Spectrum™ 0040 - Specifically designed for low-temperature environments where significant chemical resistance is required. It is an excellent choice in applications such as couplings for the chemical transportation industry, or for other applications where chemical resistance and elasticity are required in some of the coldest environments.