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Parker O-Ring Adhesive and Sealant Line

IA Series (Cyanoacrylate Instant Adhesives)
Free of solvents, reacts with air humidity and temperature polymerizing in few seconds
General purpose for quick strong bonding variety of substrates: metal, rubber, plastics, wood
Can be used to reduce complexity in assembling operations, replacing the use of screws, machined encasing and welds
TL Series (Anaerobic Threadlocker Adhesive)
  A liquid component that quickly cures in the absence of oxygen
  Applied in a threaded fasteners to prevent prevent disassembly
  Aides in locking or sealing on threaded parts, fills gaps 100% between parts provides high resistance to pressure and vibration
RC Series (Anaerobic Retainer Adhesives)
  A liquid component applied between the gap of two smooth surfaces that are sliding interference fit assemblies such as a bearing
  Quickly cures in the absence of oxygen
  Retaining compounds fills gaps and replace need for precision machining, thermal or high force assembly
  Typical application: bushings, bearings, oil seals, pulleys
G Series (Anaerobic Gasketing Compounds)
  A high viscosity liquid or paste flange or threaded tube application, working like a liquid gasket eliminating sealing elements such as o-rings, etc
  Gaskets compounds avoid the necessity of glands, reducing machining time replacing conventional seals
  Acrylic type that cures in the absence of oxygen
ST Series (Surface Treatment Activators)
  Activator used with anaerobic and cyanoacrylate adhesives to increase speed and improve state of cure on medium to inactive surfaces
  These are products that when applied to metal surfaces change some of its chemical characteristics
  Activator reacts to surface and reduces or eliminates the metalsinterference for the adhesive to cure