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Lubricants- For better sealing and easier installation of o-rings.
Parker O-Lube is a petroleum-based grease recommended for use with polyacrylate, Vamac, neoprene, fluorosilicone, nitrile, HNBR, polyurethane, fluorocarbon, Aflas, Hifluor, and Parofluor o-ring materials. Parker Super-O-Lube is a silicone fluid
recommended for use with all rubber materials. Only a thin film of Super-O-Lube should be used with silicone rubber to prevent seal damage.
DuPont™ Krytox®
Performance Lubricants are recommended for applications where complete nonflammability, oxygen compatibility, and resistance to aggressive chemicals are requirements. These synthetic lubricants provide superior performance and extended life as lubricants, sealants, and dielectrics


Cones and Pi Tapes
Unique measuring cone and circumference "Pi" tape provide quick and easy o-ring sizing information to determine the nearest standard O-ring size.


O-ring Picks
These unique double-ended brass or plastic tools make life easier for those who have to frequently install or remove o-rings from hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders and equipment.