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Product Types

Spring Energized (FlexiSeal)
Spring Energized (FlexiSeal) U-cups are used in Rotary, Rod and Piston, and Face Seal configurations when elastomeric seals fail to meet the temperature range, chemical resistance or friction requirements. Jacket profiles are made from PTFE and other high performance polymers and the spring types are available in corrosive-resistant metal alloys like stainless steel, Elgiloy® and Hastelloy®.
Lip Seals (FlexiLip and FlexiCase)
Lip Seals (FlexiLip and FlexiCase) are used in high speed rotary seal applications. FlexiLip seals are rotary seals incorporating a deflected lip seal geometry and FlexiCase seals are a metal-cased rotary lip seal suitable for applications where elastomeric lip seals fail and mechanical seals are too costly.
Teflon®- encapsulated o-rings are used in applications ranging from outer space to sensitive mechanical parts, including pumps, filters, compressors, vessel lids, pressure regulated valves and the computer chip manufacturing industry. Compared with solid o-rings, Teflon encapsulated o-rings function in a broader range of environments. FEP Teflon combines superb corrosion resistance, sealing integrity and an operating temperature range of -267 to +205 ºC. PFA Teflon, a fluorocarbon copolymer similar to FEP, also provides greatly improved mechanical and creep properties at higher operating temperatures: -267 to +260 ºC.